Greetings from the OFHA!
May Events

Crawfish Festival

Community Social at Cottonwood
Homeowner's Meeting
2nd Monday of each Month
Next - April 13th at 7pm
Candlelight Park -1450 Candlight Ln.
Refreshments Provided

17 Events in 2015


Saturday, April 11, 2015
Wakerfield Crowbar
954 Wakefield Drive
Houston, Texas 77018

Greetings from OFHA's Executive Board
L-R: Kathy Wyrick, Secretary, 1st Vice President, Troy
Johnson, President, Philip Simmons, 2nd Vice President,
Kendal Bezecny, and Treasurer, Michael Tompkins.

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S.E.A.L Security Solutions
Thanks to Lonnie at Brothers Pizzeria for hosting the
2015 Section Leaders kickoff meeting. it was a major
success and sets the stage to build Oak Forest's 1st
ever 100 Club, composed of 112 Section leaders
throughout Oak forest. Become a part of something
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Security Agreement Signed

Presidents of Oak Forest and Candlelight Place
Phil Simmons, President of Oak forest Homeowner's Association and Danny Kennedy, President of Candlelight Place Civic Association, sign security agreement.
OFHA. addded Candlelight Oaks to the coverage provided by its' S.E.A.L. Security. This benefits both Associations. Candlelight Place gets security and the payment upfront adds revenue to OFHA's security program.


Despite Oak Forest being the third largest subdivision in Harris County, living in Oak Forest is remarkably pleasant and neighborly. Our many parks, schools, places of worship and ease of access to the rest of Houston make Oak Forest a great place. Where else can you walk to the park, the grocery store, your child’s school, your church, plus have access to Downtown or The Galleria in less than 10 minutes…and still have a huge yard?!

We encourage you to get out and about, know your neighbors and Oak Forest, become a part of our lovely community, and join us for our monthly discussions of all things Oak Forest.

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