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Oak Forest is a deed restricted neighborhood.

Membership Dues are voluntary but Deed Restrictions are not! It takes $$ to enforce. Please join today!


PO Box 920616

Houston, TX 77292-0616

PH:  713-688-6342

OFHA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization

The Oak Forest Homeowners Association General Meeting

is the 2nd Monday of each month at Candlelight Park Community Center7pm - 8pm.

 Celebrating over 70 years!


Welcome to the Oak Forest Homeowners Association

Oak Forest Neighborhood is turning 71 this year!  Happy Birthday, Oak Forest!


There are so many reasons why people enjoy living in Oak Forest, and the Oak Forest Homeowners Association helps support some of what makes it a great neighborhood.  OFHA, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit civic organization that fosters safety, friendship, goodwill, and community spirit in our neighborhood. Two ways we do this are through the OFHA Membership and the Oak Forest Neighborhood Patrol Program.


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2018 OFHA Executive Board

Matt Mitchell


Christine Milliner

1st Vice President

Michael Thomas

2nd Vice President

Linda Kelly




Joshua Sanders


Linda Werner


Jennifer Massey

Director of Public Relations

Lane Lewis

Director of Community Relations

Martha Mears

                                                                               Director of Neighborhood Patrol Program


Upcoming Events and Activities:


National Night Out will be October 2.

Join us at one of the host locations from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm: 


923 Lamonte Lane (Schana Canto)
1025 Fisher (Haley Vanderwal Jones)
1223 Cheshire (Claudette Rogers)
1322 Lehman (Beth Caldwell)
1334 Richelieu (Jessica Lambert)
1400 W.43rd Street (Resource One)
1406 Overhill (Ashley Jean Jackson)
1438 Chambord Lane (Cruser family)
1500 block of Gardenia (Emily Smith)
1518 Richelieu Lane (Nicole Aboudaher)
1522 Chantilly (flyers will be delivered)
1526 Woodcrest Drive
1523 Cheshire (Brittany Lawrence)
1630 Chantilly (Diane Benting)
1638 Du Barry (Catherine Kelsey)
1703 Latexo (Linda Trombatore)
1709 Libby (Marya Minter)
1810 Nina Lee (Melissa Wigren)
1815 Althea (Robert Mahnke)
1909 Chippendale (Billy Bob)
2022 Brimberry (Julie Wagner)
2215/11 Viking (Davis/Craig families)
2227 Chantilly (Brenda Estis)
4139 Hill Oak Drive (Lisa Curtis)
4407 Amell (Heather Sullivan)
4802 Blanton (Lene Baggett)






Thank you to Mel Reyna of The Reyna Group

Named Sponsor for the Beautification Project! 


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