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Oak Forest is a deed restricted neighborhood.

Membership Dues are voluntary but Deed Restrictions are not! It takes $$ to enforce. Please join today!



The Architectural Committee was established by the Oak Forest Bylaws and prescribed by the original deed restrictions. Its purpose is to review all construction and renovation plans that are normally submitted to the City of Houston for the permitting process. The submission and review process is for required for new construction of all types, the increasing of square footage of a residence such as additional structure enclosures of either air conditioned or non-air conditioned space (i.e. room addition), new garage construction or addition and carport construction. For more info consult your sections deed restriction and/or call the OFHA hotline at 713-688-6342 or for a faster response you may email the Committee Chair.

As some sections of Oak Forest have deed restrictions that differ from the City of Houston’s requirements, and to avoid unnecessary revisions between architect/contractor and the City, construction documents should be submitted to the Architectural Committee and approved prior to being submitted to the City of Houston for permitting.

Renovations that will not trigger Architectural Committee review include, but are not limited to interior renovation of all types, exterior painting & roofing. The Committee will convene as needed for plan review.

Plans can be arranged for submission to the Homeowners Association by contacting the OFHA hotline at 713-688-6342, emailing the Architectural Committee Chair or by attending a homeowners meeting.  for the status of submissions, please see below. Any concerns regarding timeliness can also be submitted to the First Vice President.

Plans not submitted for review prior to City of Houston plan approval or construction will be red tagged (construction halted) until the plans have been reviewed and all objections remedied prior to approval by the architectural committee.



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