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Oak Forest is a deed restricted neighborhood.

Membership Dues are voluntary but Deed Restrictions are not! It takes $$ to enforce. Please join today!

Community Relations



• Provide a principal communications channel between section leaders and the Executive Board.
• Develop, promote, and maintain a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the organization.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Chairperson:

1. The Community Relations Chair supervises Section Leaders and provides direction, coordination, and

    consultation for all section leader functions.
2. The Community Relations Chair recruits and coordinates volunteers for the organization.
3. The Community Relations Chair works with Public Relations Chair to publicize volunteer opportunities.
4. The Community Relations Chair works with all the Committee Chairs for volunteer opportunities.

The Role of Section Leader:


Section Leaders are members of the OFHA Community Relations Committee. They represent the neighbors from their respective sections and are a liaison to the OFHA. Section Leaders can expect to spend approximately 4-6 hours per month, including the scheduled monthly OFHA meeting. There are many benefits to serving as a section leader:

  • Know your neighbors! Get on friendly terms with your section; hold section meetings / online chats / pot-luck gatherings, etc. to get to know your neighbors.
  • Work with the Community Relations Chairperson to meet objectives of the Committee and OFHA.
  • Be the eyes and ears in your respective Section while keeping the neighbors informed of OFHA Activities.
  •  Act as liaison to the OFHA for your neighbors by: 

(a)  identifying and bringing issues to the attention of the OFHA. 

(b)  representing those neighbors who are unable to attend the OFHA meetings.

  • Work with the OFHA to educate all residents about the Security Program (currently contracted to SEAL) and to increase membership in the program.
  • Disseminate information to neighbors in respective sections as needed to keep neighbors informed and updated:

 (a)  be quick to address any misinformation about the OFHA and Oak Forest in general

 (b)  place the OFHA Monthly Meeting Signs at various high traffic areas in your Section the

       morning of the meeting and remove them after the meeting. Locations for placement shall

       be determined by the Section Leaders.

  • Work with the OFHA to increase membership in all sections.
  • Work with the OFHA to promote planned Social Events throughout the year; encourage your neighbors to volunteer and be an active participant in planned events.
  • Work with the OFHA to promote Town Hall meetings scheduled throughout the year.
  • Promote National Night Out in all Sections; encourage neighbors to participate.
  • Meet and Greet new neighbors moving into your section; deliver Welcome Packets to all newcomers in your Section.


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