Oak Forest is a deed restricted neighborhood.

Membership Dues are voluntary but Deed Restrictions are not! It takes $$ to enforce. Please join today!


PO Box 920616

Houston, TX 77292-0616

PH:  713-688-6342

OFHA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization

Call the Hotline Number:

To dispatch a SEAL officer (TXPSBC15942)

- To report suspicious activity

- To request house monitoring*

S.E.A.L. is an abbreviation for Strategic Executive and Logistical Security Solutions, a company that provides physical presence security domestically and abroad. S.E.A.L. has been the chosen provider for private security patrols for Oak Forest since 2013. As part of S.E.A.L.'s integration in the neighborhood, they provide vacation patrols*, security assessments*, and personal/residential security workshops.


S.E.A.L. provides the OFHA Security Committee with regular reports, which allows rapid response to crime trends in the neighborhood. The close integration of S.E.A.L. leadership and OFHA Security Committee ensures neighborhood security concerns are addressed as quickly as practicable and much faster than would be possible without S.E.A.L.


S.E.A.L. Security Texas, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a full-service provider of security & risk-management solutions serving the Houston Metropolitan Area.


  • Highly Trained & Professional Patrol Officers
  • Licensed in firearms, academy trained, & K-9 certified
  • Seal officers are accountable every 4 seconds by GPS
  • Work in conjunction with other law enforcement
  • 24/7 Live Operation Center & Emergency Hotline
  • Elderly & Welfare Checks
  • Home Vacation Watch*
  • Complimentary security review & assessment for your property*


S.E.A.L. provides Oak Forest another set of eyes to help deter vandalism & theft in our neighborhood.


*PLEASE NOTE:  Vacation Watch, Security Assesments and Alarm Notification services are provided to subscribers only.




 The Oak Forest Neighborhood Patrol Program 


Options for payment:

(1)  Pay directly at Resource One

(2)  By mail (make check payable to OFHA

       mail to:  PO Box 920616, Houston, TX 77292-0616

(3)  Online with credit card or PayPal: payments.myoakforest.org (there is a small fee

       charged to the OFHA when you pay with PayPal)


To join or support the Oak Forest Neighborhood Patrol Program click the box below:

S.E.A.L. Security Vacation Watch Form


Click here to download the form (Choose either the 'Fillable online form' or print and complete the PDF form and fax or mail it to SEAL)


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