Oak Forest is a deed restricted neighborhood.

Membership Dues are voluntary but Deed Restrictions are not! It takes $$ to enforce. Please join today!


PO Box 920616

Houston, TX 77292-0616

PH:  713-688-6342

OFHA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization

Title and Mortgage Companies and Closing Attorneys


2018 Fees and HOA Information



Oak Forest has NO Annual Fees! Membership in the OFHA is voluntary.


60 Day letters and Resale Certificates are rarely required for Oak Forest properties:


For the following list of reasons, Resale Certificates, 60-Day Letters and Proof of Liability Insurance (OFHA) are rarely requested for property sales in Oak Forest. If your Title or Mortgage Co. asks for one of these, we suggest you seek a waiver of the requirement:


  • OFHA does not collect monthly or annual maintenance fees from homeowners and does not maintain "account balances" typical of HOAs who do collect these types of fees
  • OFHA does not own real property nor does it manage common areas
  • Deed Restrictions and Bylaws are posted on our website (see navigation bar on left side)
  • Information requested in a Resale Certificate which is NOT applicable to Oak Forest properties are:
    1. Rules
    2. Government Notices of Health or Housing Code Violations 
    3. Certificate of Insurance for Common Areas
  • Additional information requested in a Resale Certificate which would be included in a Resale Certificate: 
  1.  A listing of pending suits (contact president@myoakforest.org)
  2.  A listing of unsatisfied judgments against OFHA - currently we have none
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